Xmas Moon Bunny Tee
Xmas Moon Bunny Tee
Xmas Moon Bunny Tee

Xmas Moon Bunny Tee

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This casual holiday design is made with pure christmas magic, displaying a classic silhouette of santa flying his sleigh on christmas eve with magic BUNNIES instead of reindeer. Because we know their magical cuteness holds enough power to get Santa around the world in one night!


A flattering fit for any bunny lover, soft light-weight cotton fabric, with just enough stretch. Whether you’re expressing your rabbit love while out and about, or you’re having a comfy-day-in with your rabbit(s), it’s the perfect level of comfort for everyone!


  • Up to 100% Soft cotton, with various polyester content in heather colors
  • Light fabric
  • Comfort fit
  • Runs true to size
  • Unisex