Meet Lil' Bun

Little Bunnita in the snow

Hi! My name is Little Bunnita, aka Lil' Bun.

I am a Lionhead Rabbit from Massachusetts, and the Furbassador for Lil' Bun's Boutique!
I was adopted from a Humane Society in Massachusetts in June of 2019, by a loving hooman named Kelly. We both knew how much I needed her at the time, but little did she know how much she would need me that year too. The end of 2019 came with heavy challenges, that of course snowballed right into the pandemic of 2020, which continued to impact our little family considerably, like so many others.
It was exactly all of these challenges along with the perfect timing of our newfound relationship that inspired her to find and create products unique for other bunny rabbit lovers, and a way to give back to the rabbit community; a community full of compassionate people who's lives have been impacted by their love for these adorable long-eared companions. So we bring you Lil' Bun's Boutique together, a place full of unique rabbit-themed products that allows us to express our love for unique fur babies, while supporting the rest of our beloved community and fur friends.

But more about me...

My favorite treats are blackberries and dried apples, which helped me learn a trick called "spin", and am currently working on "sit". Like most rabbits, I don't love to be picked up, but I love cuddles and pets. While I'm a bit shy at first, I love to say hello after everyone gets settled. So get comfy with us and say hello on my personal Instagram @lilbunnlife